…why don’t you put it on your head instead?

I bought a cheap straw-hat during my mexico-holiday last january and after three weeks of heavy travelling in mexico a flight back home in the overhead bin (the hat, not me) it was looking quite worn and shabby. that will do the trick when i go hiking or just hang out in the gardens in zumikon. but what if i need to “suit-up”?

looking for a hat in my size (big headed as i am) wasn’t easy. there’s hardly any stores in zurich, so i searched the web and found several sites selling the “original” panama hat. one site was really impressing – many styles to chose from, big sizes and the guy seems to care about his hats’ quality. but then i got to the “prices” section…

so i’m still hatless. but i can guarantee you, once i’m the ceo of an international company, the first thing i will get myself wont be a saucy 20 year old secretary or an original van gogh – but a hat from B. Brent Black