to be or not to be. to be a blogger or to leave it aside. i should write more, even if noone’s reading it. i should write more in english, to keep using it. i should write more in german, to improve my writing skills. shouldawouldacoulda.

does living in the 21st century oblige you to blog? does living in a web 2.0 world (whatever that is) oblige you to blog? does studying business communication oblige you to blog?

there’s so much to write about, so much i care about. like the war in palestine, but then I don’t want to get started on that. it’s too depressing and it makes me angry at the same time. i discovered the andré martys blog about a week ago, he is a correspondent in the middle east for the swiss radio and tvand the insight he gives on what’s going on in and around gaza is enough for me. if you can read and understand german, check it out!

i could write about the snow that has been covering zurich for the last few weeks and which i really love. but who want’s to read about snow. i could write about losing weight, which i have done over the last few months. a fact i love even more than all the snow in the world. but if i had to put on weight again in exchange for world peace, i would do that without hesitating.  but that’s probably a cynic remark…

let’s see what happens here. maybe i will write more once I’m travelling again, which is pretty soon… can’t wait for it!