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market mainstation zurich

As a part-time student and full-time employee unfortunately I lack the time to hit the morning markets in and around Zurich. That’s why I stash up on fresh organic and seasonal vegetables every wednesday on the market in Zurichs mainstation. The market is open from 10 am to 8 pm and that makes it perfect for people working all day.

Ample abundance

My favourite market stalls would definitely be “Maurer”, selling organic vegetables and fruit, the local cheeses from “natürli” and the Manser backery with its sensational “Manser Spitzli”.  But there’s much more! Various Italian Delis selling all kinds of olives, sun dried tomatoes, bruschetta spreads, cheeses, salamis and other sausages. A lebanese specialities shop, sinful soft cheeses from Fribourg, Greek antipasti and probably the best grilled chicken in town.

Seasonality is key

Over the last few years I’ve become more and more addicted to fresh seasonal and local produce. In my opinion it is essential for good home made cooking and the seasonality helps me keep a clear consience in regards of my ecological footprint. Also, I’ve realised it adds pleasure to my eating experience. I find it exciting waiting all winter for the first fresh tasteful asparagus, spinach, courgettes, tomatoes, eggplants and other veggie delights.

And that’s why I’m so glad there’s the midweek mainstation market in Zurich!


is it because we tend to get up too late? or is it because we go to bed too late? is it because time just runs faster when you’re not sitting in the office? is it because time just runs faster when you’re invited for diner with friends? but then again, I normally only eat twice on a saturday and sunday, so that would mean only two thirds of a day have gone by once i go to bed. so by sunday night I should have another two thirds left? i’m confused. it all comes down to this: my weekends are always too short!

we had planned on going snow shoe hiking on sunday, but unfortunately the weather was really bad. that’s pretty unfair, considering all week long we had perfect conditions for outdoor activities. so instead of hiking up snowy mountains and taking in the wonderful scenery, I went nordic walking with my dad and my brother on sunday morning for 1 1/2 hours. that’s pretty good as an exercise, but nothing compared to hiking in the alps… hopefully the conditions will be better in two weeks time, when we will try again… fingers crossed!

Last sunday I once more came to the conclusion that I’m living in a wonderful country. I spent the day with Caroline in the mountains, enjoying the views of the gorgeous Engadin valley and the great food at Hotel Restaurant Krone in LaPunt. The white mountains, the blue sky and the golden sun made us forget the every day hustle that expected us back in Zurich on Monday… but see for yourself

 Engadin 1 Engadin 2 Engadin 3

Some pictures of my latest trip. An extended weekend with caroline in the beautiful bell’ ticino. more pictures of other trips will follow

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