there’s a certain age, when you should stop wearing certain things in public. this has been once again made very clear to me now spring has hit the town.

so here are the no-goes:

  • t-shirts with funny taglines for men older than 30. they may still be funny, but accept it – you’re too old to pull it off!
  • lycra in any bright colour for women older than 12, maybe 20 but definitely 40. honestly. the same applies for men
  • sandals and socks at the same time for anyone older than 3
  • sandals and socks at the same time in combination with shorts for anyone above any age. no one should be allowed this. no one. never!
  • showing g-strings underneath your jeans/skirt/mini/whatever for women above the age of 25
  • baggy pants in combination with t-shirts that are too short for men older than 20

to be continued… once summer arrives…

Japanese Cherry

Japanese Cherry

spring is here. finally and with full power. the woods become green and greener, it’s amazing how many different shades of green there are. the flowers and the trees are blooming, especially gorgeous are the japanese cherry trees that line my street.

spring is here and makes everything new, so i needed a new theme for the blog as well. enough of that black-orange winter gloom. let’s get it on with something fresh…

…that’s what UPS must stand for.  I couldn’t believe my ears last week, when the call-center lady tried to explain to me, why they can’t deliver my package.

Honestly, their core competence should be to deliver packages on time, or am I mistaken? O.K. So I work. So I’m not home between 8 and 5 during weekdays. O.K. so they can’t promise exact delivery times, so I could stay home a bit longer in the morning or get home after work earlier in order to catch the courier. O.K. so they can’t leave the package (a small one, containing 1 CD) in my letterbox. O.K. So apparently the can’t deliver to my office address since my company has a special contract with them, allowing them to deliver only to one specific location. Where I’m not. OK. so their system doesn’t allow her to change the delivery address if delivery is requested not the next day, but the day after the next, so I need to call again tomorrow… O.K. so the call center lady hardly speaks any german. O.K. so she complains that she’s not responsible for it, and I should blame my company and the company I ordered the package from. O.K. so after hearing all this I’m no longer the most friendly guy on the phone and might get just a little disgruntled.

So I ask her what she thought is the best way to proceed, and she offers me to pick up the package myself. WTF? What’s your mission again at UPS? Why would I need a courier when I can pick up the package myself? Why did this option not cross my mind before? Why didn’t I just take a train to the Netherlands and pick up my package there? Why am I so stupid?…

In the end they managed to deliver. To my office address. After being on the phone with them on two seperate occasions. Is this always so difficult?

Zurich is cold and grey at the moment (actually it’s been like that for the last couple of weeks…) and I’m in the office, listening to Australian Open Radio while Roger “The Kind” Federer is playing Andy Roddick (and what it looks like, winning once again). Man I whish I was there! Not only because I’d love to see Roger Federer playing live but also for the heat and nice weather in Melbourne. Life’s just no fair sometimes…

And while I was typing this… he won again. Go Rog! A shame I won’t be able to listen to the final…

what’s wrong with the world? people stand in line for lukewarm coffee out of plastic or cardboard cups, paying a fortune for it as well. plus, it’s not even coffee they drink. there’s tons of milk (skim, extra-fat, lactose-free) and sugar or sweetener added, there’s all kinds of flavours – vanilla, rum, strawberry (in a coffee? WTF?) – there’s whipped cream on top, milk foam, cocoa powder and god-knows-what… honestly, if you’d really love coffee, you’d drink it short and black! if you’d really love coffee, you wouldn’t have to cover it’s taste by adding milk and sugar and all those other flavours available at starbucks and similar disgusting places.

all the coffee i need is espresso. short, strong and black. maybe a ristretto once in a while – shorter, blacker and stronger. if the cup isn’t empty in two sips, it’s not coffee, it’s just disgusting…

is it because we tend to get up too late? or is it because we go to bed too late? is it because time just runs faster when you’re not sitting in the office? is it because time just runs faster when you’re invited for diner with friends? but then again, I normally only eat twice on a saturday and sunday, so that would mean only two thirds of a day have gone by once i go to bed. so by sunday night I should have another two thirds left? i’m confused. it all comes down to this: my weekends are always too short!

we had planned on going snow shoe hiking on sunday, but unfortunately the weather was really bad. that’s pretty unfair, considering all week long we had perfect conditions for outdoor activities. so instead of hiking up snowy mountains and taking in the wonderful scenery, I went nordic walking with my dad and my brother on sunday morning for 1 1/2 hours. that’s pretty good as an exercise, but nothing compared to hiking in the alps… hopefully the conditions will be better in two weeks time, when we will try again… fingers crossed!

to be or not to be. to be a blogger or to leave it aside. i should write more, even if noone’s reading it. i should write more in english, to keep using it. i should write more in german, to improve my writing skills. shouldawouldacoulda.

does living in the 21st century oblige you to blog? does living in a web 2.0 world (whatever that is) oblige you to blog? does studying business communication oblige you to blog?

there’s so much to write about, so much i care about. like the war in palestine, but then I don’t want to get started on that. it’s too depressing and it makes me angry at the same time. i discovered the andré martys blog about a week ago, he is a correspondent in the middle east for the swiss radio and tvand the insight he gives on what’s going on in and around gaza is enough for me. if you can read and understand german, check it out!

i could write about the snow that has been covering zurich for the last few weeks and which i really love. but who want’s to read about snow. i could write about losing weight, which i have done over the last few months. a fact i love even more than all the snow in the world. but if i had to put on weight again in exchange for world peace, i would do that without hesitating.  but that’s probably a cynic remark…

let’s see what happens here. maybe i will write more once I’m travelling again, which is pretty soon… can’t wait for it!