…that’s what UPS must stand for.  I couldn’t believe my ears last week, when the call-center lady tried to explain to me, why they can’t deliver my package.

Honestly, their core competence should be to deliver packages on time, or am I mistaken? O.K. So I work. So I’m not home between 8 and 5 during weekdays. O.K. so they can’t promise exact delivery times, so I could stay home a bit longer in the morning or get home after work earlier in order to catch the courier. O.K. so they can’t leave the package (a small one, containing 1 CD) in my letterbox. O.K. So apparently the can’t deliver to my office address since my company has a special contract with them, allowing them to deliver only to one specific location. Where I’m not. OK. so their system doesn’t allow her to change the delivery address if delivery is requested not the next day, but the day after the next, so I need to call again tomorrow… O.K. so the call center lady hardly speaks any german. O.K. so she complains that she’s not responsible for it, and I should blame my company and the company I ordered the package from. O.K. so after hearing all this I’m no longer the most friendly guy on the phone and might get just a little disgruntled.

So I ask her what she thought is the best way to proceed, and she offers me to pick up the package myself. WTF? What’s your mission again at UPS? Why would I need a courier when I can pick up the package myself? Why did this option not cross my mind before? Why didn’t I just take a train to the Netherlands and pick up my package there? Why am I so stupid?…

In the end they managed to deliver. To my office address. After being on the phone with them on two seperate occasions. Is this always so difficult?