Burrata close upI remember very well, when i had my first burrata. it was about three years ago on the last day of a wonderful holiday with my sweetheart in Tuscany. We both loved the taste of this cheese delicacy from the first bite and when I walked across the market the other day and saw a guy selling Italian cheeses and also burrata, my heart leaped with joy. Even though the price made me think twice I had to get one and carried it home full of anticipation for the moment I could open and savour it.

Organic gold

I hit the market again yesterday after Uni for a reload of fresh spring veggies, and what a joy to see the organic farmer already had the first tomatoes on offer.  I added some young fennel, radish, courgette and spring onions to the basked, picked up an olive ciabatta from the Italian deli and headed home for a healthy dinner.


Burrata on tomato and fennel saladFirst I washed the fennel and thinly sliced it, added some salt, a light white wine vinegar and two teaspoons of extra vergine olive oil and let it marinate. I washed a few radish and arranged them next to the fennel salad for coulour. Then I cut the tomatoes into thin slices, laid them out on a plate and put the burrata on top. I chopped some fresh basil from our herb balcony, added some cracked black pepper and a drizzle of extra vergine olive oil. 

Tower Power

Stacked CourgetteWhile all this was marinating and getting my juices running, I cut the courgettes into bars and fried them on medium heat in some olive oil, I also put some cloves of garlic in the frying pan for flavour. When the courgettes had that lovely golden brown colour, I stacked them on a plate, chopped the fried garlic and some fresh mint (again from our herb balcony) and sprinkled them over my courgette towers. A little bit of olive oil to finnish it off and ready was our tasty and healthy dinner!

We cut some slices of the olive ciabatta, opened our last bottle of Dolcetto d’Alba from Ascheri and enjoyed the veggie delights, remeniscing about our wonderful Tuscan holiday.