there’s a certain age, when you should stop wearing certain things in public. this has been once again made very clear to me now spring has hit the town.

so here are the no-goes:

  • t-shirts with funny taglines for men older than 30. they may still be funny, but accept it – you’re too old to pull it off!
  • lycra in any bright colour for women older than 12, maybe 20 but definitely 40. honestly. the same applies for men
  • sandals and socks at the same time for anyone older than 3
  • sandals and socks at the same time in combination with shorts for anyone above any age. no one should be allowed this. no one. never!
  • showing g-strings underneath your jeans/skirt/mini/whatever for women above the age of 25
  • baggy pants in combination with t-shirts that are too short for men older than 20

to be continued… once summer arrives…